All Are Welcome

Caldwell Community is an Intentional Eucharistic Community 

Hosted at the WRH, come celebrate Sunday Morning Mass with us at 10:30am in the Chapel.

“Our commitment is to the Word of God and our mission is the proclamation of God’s justice within our local church and the wider community. We affirm our just and gracious God in celebrating the Eucharist through a collaborative model of Church.  We encourage the active participation of all according to each one’s gifts and capacities.”

This Community welcomes, indeed draws life and strength from all the people of God who share Word and Table with us. As a result of Covid, there is currently one ZOOM ONLY prayer service a month and three in-person liturgies per month.

You are most welcome to simply come and join this community in the Chapel on a Sunday or if you would like more information please contact:
Judy (301) 927-2015 or Marty (301) 254-6637

*Hosted at the Washington Retreat House.